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Welcome to the Utah County Recorder's Office Property Watch. We are excited to offer this service to Utah County residents free of charge.

Signing up for Utah County Property Watch will enable you to keep track of any recorded changes to a property. The Utah County Recorder's Office will send you an email, alerting you to any recorded documents (i.e. Liens, Deeds, etc.) Your contact information will not be distributed and will only be used to communicate Property Watch information.

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County Recorder

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The Utah County Recorder’s email notification system is offered as a courtesy and is not designed to prevent fraud. There are no guarantees or warranties associated with this service. Materials are provided for informational purposes only and are only available when recordings have been fully processed. You may not receive notice of all recordings applicable to subject properties, and you should check all your email inboxes and not rely on any report or absence of a report for legal purposes. Any questions you have about reports or updates should be discussed with your own legal counsel: the Utah County Recorder’s Office cannot provide legal advice. Utah County is not liable for damages related to property fraud. We reserve the right to terminate this service at any time.